Hegedűs Béla Honlapja

Hegedűs Béla: The Faded

    "A poet is not born as a poet.
    His life makes him a poet.
    He is also one of the human lots.
    The words come from his soul,
    So fast that his pen can hardly follow His thoughts."

    Igeh Sir

The author is like the seaside, feeling every ripple of the quiet and turbulent water. His trajectory path can be followed through his poems.

His pleasures, feelings and also dissatisfaction with life are clearly reflected in his lines.

He clings to the family, the child, as well as to the opportunities life throws to him.

His first volume is titled "The Faded".

He thinks man must be accepted as part of nature, with all that that entails. The kind reader may recognize the minute details of their lives, with music twinkling in their hearts as they read his poems.

    "It's not enough to read something,
    It should be understood
    Searching among the words
    In their silence."

Translated into English by Szóládi Erika

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