Hegedűs Béla Honlapja

Hegedűs Béla: Love Set In Stone

    "The verse is like an orb
    every point of it becomes perfect
    from the centre
    The horizon is getting further and further away
    As you walk along its surface.
    Thus you discover new details in
    the previously unknown
    Reaching a genuine reality."

    Igeh Sir

Hegedus Bela was born in Kecskemet in 1946. He has been teaching technology in his hometown for 32 years. He respects literature, he first met lyrical poetry 23 years ago. The kiss of the Muse imbues the pictures of the past, present and future with wonderful descriptions from nature.

The message of his poems is concise, thought-provoking and touching. People of all ages can read and relate to his work. In his opinion the literature of our age is different, but he believes that beauty, moving ideas and morality should always have a place in lyrical poems. Poetry cannot lose its old, well-earned values. People's thoughts need to remain focused on a constant refinement of their selves, the limit of which is unknown.

The author recommends his second volume entitled 'Love Set In Stone', by saying,

    "I have two homelands
    One is the place where
    I live, the other is in me."

Translated into English by Szóládi Erika

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