Hegedűs Béla Honlapja

Hegedűs Béla: I Won't Tell Yet

    "Have I been sold to the Earth as a poet
    By the gods for the benefit of mankind,
    Or are the words just torn out of my mouth
    By the winds swirling turbulently underneath?"

    Igeh Sir

Hegedus Bela was born in Kecskemet in 1946 and currently resides there. The sand of the Great Hungarian Plain which blows in the wind ties him down to his birthplace and covers him with itssoft gold in the outskirts of the town.

"Reality cannot hide beneath the surface," he says. The leaves of the summer cover everything invain, because they fall off every year and ultimately the frightened twigs and branches can be seen.We all change the same way. We only perceive the main stops on this mortal course.

He wrote his third volume in the Cifrakert (Ornated Garden) in Nagykoros, using the light as itbroke through the tired leaves of the ash trees.

The poems all contain 14 lines and include a mastery sonnet where each new poem commenceswith the last line of the previous verse.

Volumes published to date:

  • 1999: The Faded
  • 2000: Love Set In Stone
  • 2002: I Won't Tell Yet

After publishing his first volume he received the honourable title of "everyone's poet".

He teaches technology in a secondary school. He says, "The mother tongue is the precious treasure of the nation, its sharp blade cuts the corn, yet still Hungarians need to sharpen it." Finally he quotes Kazinczy's famous saying, "Do good and do it well," adding that everybody.

Translated into English by Szóládi Erika

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